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Dec. 5th, 2005

Stephanie: SJB superSTAR


Hey guys!

I'm meeting most of the cast of the Wicked tour on Saturday, so I'll have pictures.

However, this story was too great not to post.

The choir director @ my church, Tim Stella, is a music director on broadway. He is the music director for my Hello, Dolly! CD (the 1994 cast)... His wife, Florence Lacey, is also on the CD, as Mrs. Molloy. So I brought it to rehearsal with me yesterday, in hopes that Tim and Flo could sign it. However, Flo is off working on a new show, but Tim was there! So I start talking to him, and stuff, and I pull out the CD. He died. He started laughing and sreaming "I'M GONNA HAVE NIGHTMARES!" and eventually stopped laughing, told me he'd sign it. After rehearsal, he signed it for me (it's SO cute... "To Jacqueline We love you, Tim Stella") and said some not-too-nice things about the CD and *coughcough* CERTAIN *coughcough* people on the CD, and then said he'd bring the CD to Flo in NYC to sign it for me, since she won't be here next weekend (I live in CT, they drive up every Sunday for us). He's so much fun, I love him... So I thought I'd let y'all share... And my CD is now in NYC :o)

Hope everyone's good, expect happy pics soon!

Nov. 9th, 2005

casino night


(no subject)

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Rue McClanahan's personal assistant inviting me to meet her in her dressing room at Wicked so she could take part in Project Teddy Bear.

A lot of emails back and forth and one cancelled meeting and it finally happened. First of all, just *getting* to her dressing room was cool... her dresser and I walked across the back of the stage and I could see out into the huge, empty theater. Seeing all the set pieces and mechanics from the back was very, very cool.

When I got there, she was just getting ready to have her make up done... so, I just hung out while she got her Madame Morrible face and hair on. I got to hear her get some notes from a rehearsal that afternoon and to meet Ben Vereen (who she got to take a picture with the bear, too). She was incredibly nice... as was everybody else I met there. :)

Rue had all sorts of stuff for me! In addition to signing a few tags for bears and taking the picture with the bear, she also had a signed headshot, a signed picture of herself as Madame Morrible, signed copies of Season 1 and Season 2 of The Golden Girls on DVD, 5 signed Playbills AND a really cute pair of pink boxing gloves (donated by Everlast) that she'd signed as well... there's even a letter from her to the future owner of the gloves! All to auction off to fight breast cancer. :)

As I was getting her to sign the tags, I mentioned that I wanted one extra because Bea Arthur is going to be in town for a charity concert this month and I'd love to have one that they both signed. She said that Bea AND Betty White are BOTH going to be here and they're going to be signing the season 3 DVDs on the 22nd. She told me to ask Kathy about it and get the details and was pretty confident that the other two Girls would sign bears and take photos, too. YAY!!

Oct. 14th, 2005

casino night


(no subject)

Last night was an adventure!

As some of you know, I'm trying to raise money for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I'm $3,000 away from my $25,000 goal, so, I just keep stalking celebrities and launching auctions. ;)

I was actually nominated as NY1's New Yorker of the Week and was chosen for this week, so, Jessica, the producer/photographer went with me last night to try to get some bears signed for the piece they're doing on me. :)

The plan was to wait for Brooke Shields to come out of Chicago so we could get her to sign a bear. We met at the theater at 9:30... which was during the intermission. My friend Danny did some recon and found out where the stage door was and about when they'd be coming out. Thought that maybe The Odd Couple might actually get out earlier (I don't know why, I thought a play might be shorter than a musical), so, we headed two blocks down to the Brooks Atkinson Theater.

Now, this would be all fine and good and par for the course on a normal night, but, as anybody living in New York, or having any contact with anybody living in New York, can tell you--it has been raining non stop here for MONTHS. Well, maybe not months, but, it feels like it. :P

Last night was no exception. But, we persevered. ;)

Got to the theater for The Odd Couple and saw right away where the barricades were going to be set up. Talked to one of the police officers there and asked if they'd really sign autographs in the rain and he said, yeah, they still stop. The barricades were actually set up perfectly for our purposes...started at the stagedoor, but, led to under the marquee where the cars were parked. So, we could stand sort of under the marquee and not get *quite* as wet as we would out in the open.

Until the crowd let out of the theater (and, annoyingly, the rain got heavier) and they turned the barricades so that they led from the stagedoor straight to the street. We were suddenly about 4 people back instead of right at the barricade and, honestly, at that point, I was ready to call it and just head back to the Ambassador where the stagedoor was under a roof. :P

But Jessica went and talked to the guys at the door and they ended up letting us wait in the street by the cars so she had a great shot of the people coming out and I could just wait until they were done with everybody else and get them right before they got in their cars.

Danny was a trouper and while carrying out his regular role of camera-holder while I juggled the bear and tags and pen... also kept his umbrella over Jessica and the TV camera.

The police officer we'd talked to before also talked to each of the stars' assistants and told them why we were there and what we were doing, so, they were all "prepared" and made a point of getting to me. It was great.

All three of them were *really* nice... Brad Garrett was particularly funny... and, I gotta say, Nathan Lane's got this broken finger, but, he's still out there, signing autographs, in the miserable rain. These guys rocked! Jessica got great footage and, around 11:15, we wrapped it up. :)

If you're interested, you can find all the auctions (lots of Broadway folk!) here: http://www.lisawalks.com/ptb2005


Oct. 1st, 2005

Raise the Roof-Me and Julia


Finally going to post everything

I have been a member here since this community was first started, but I never got around to posting. Well, here goes. And it's going to be long.
<lj-cut text="phantom, wicked in chicago, 25th annual putnam county spelling bee, dirty rotten scoundrels, and rent at the today show"> My first experience with meeting Broadway stars was this past May at Phantom of the Opera in Boston. My parents loved Phantom, and I had never seen it, so for my bat mitzvah so they bought us and my best friend great tickets to see it. I loved it, and so did Becca (my best friend). My parents suprised us by telling us after the show that we had been invited to a Q&A with the cast. It was amazing! We got to meet Gary Mauer, who was the Phantom, and Rebecca who was Christine, along with many members of the ensemble. They were the nicest people, and had so much advice for a girl like me who wants to be on Broadway. Unfortunately my parents forget to bring a camera, but I'll scan my signed playbill in soon.
In June, we went to Chicago to visit my aunt. My parents, brother, and aunt were going to go to a Cubs Vs. Red Sox game, but I hate baseball, and my aunt's friend brothers are some of the producers of Wicked (The Araca Company) so she got me tickets to see it for my third time with her friends. Katie Adams was playing G(a)linda that day and Jenna Leigh Green was playing Elphaba. I loved them. The first person I met was Logan. A is me, L is him.
A: Did you play Boq?
L: Yes I did.
A: Oh my gosh you were amazing I loved you so much.
 L: Oh, thank you!
A: Could you sign my playbill and take a picture with me?
L: Of course! *signs and takes picture* I'm glad you liked the show!
A: Thanks so much!
Then Derrick came out and was bombarded, but I managed to get up to him.
A: Hi Derrick, I'm Allie. You were amazing.
D: Aw, thank you Allie.
 A: I saw you in NYC, and I was able to pick you out from the ensemble because you were so alive, and I was so happy to hear you were playing Fiyero.
D: Thank you, that means so much. Which production did you like better?
A: Well, this one because you were Fiyero!
D: *laughs, signs playbill, takes a picture*
A: Congratulations, thank you so much!
D: No problem
Then my personal favorite, Katie came out.
A: Hi Katie! You were incredible! I couldn't believe you were just the understudy!
K: Awww, thanks! Would you like me to sign that and take a picture?
A: Sure! By the way, I love the sparkles!
K: *laughs, signs playbill, takes picture* A
: Thanks so much Katie!
K: Anytime!
And FINALLY Jenna came out.
A: Hi Jenna! Congratulations, you were amazing as Elphaba!
J: Thank you so much! I was really nervous!
A: Aw, you shouldnt've been! Will you sign my playbill and take a picture!
J: Sure! *does the routine*
A: Bye Jenna!
J: Bye sweetie!

So that was my Wicked trip. Then this August my friend Emily and I went to NYC and saw 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I won't post the conversations from Spelling Bee, because I met almost the entire cast, so it would be to long, but one funny story. We were sitting like, right on the stage, and Emily was chosen to be Marigold Coneybear, the one who gives Chip and erection. It was hilarious! After the show, he came up to us and was like, "Hi Marigold! Sorry if I freaked you out!" And it was funny.
Emily, Jesse Tyler Fergurson and Me
Emily, Jose Llana, and Me

Me and Derrick Baskin
Me, Lisa Howard, and Emily

Emily, Celia Keenan-Bolger and Me

Me, Dan Fogler and Emily. We caught him coming out a side door. He seemed really shy, but he was nice and took pictures with us.

The next night we went and saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, which was amazing. First to come out was Norbert Leo Butz, who is so f-ing hott. I love him. I kept telling him how much I admired him and all that jazz, but it was so loud so I'm not sure if he heard me. We couldn't get a picture with him though. But here's one I took:
Then Gregory Jbara came out. We talked to him about making it on Broadway and all sorts of things. We got to take a picture with him and now it's up on the "Friends of Andre" section on his site.
Me, Greg, and Emily

Finally, John Lithgow came out. That was crazy. I told him about how we watched some movie and science that he narrated and he laughed, he couldn't remember which one it was though. Haha, the guy's a legend. Again, couldn't get a picture with him, but got one of him.
The next morning we went to the Today show to see the cast of Rent perform, which, by the way, was incredible. We were pretty far back, and weren't in the area where they were signing autographs. However, I went up to a police officer who was patrolling the blocked off area and put on a sad face and told him how much I loved Idina Menzel and how much it would mean to us if they let us through, so we got in! We pushed our way to the front and were standing right in front of Idina! Wow, I was like a starstruck. I gushed and gushed about how much I loved her, and how she inspired me, and she gave me a hug and signed my poster. There were to many people so I couldn't get a picture with her, but again, I got one of her.
 Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The only other person we got to meet was Tracie Thoms, but that was great. She was so sweet, and loved meeting her fans. She has such a beautiful voice. Again, no picture with her, but of her.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
So those have been my experiences so far. And believe me, with this theatre season in Boston, there's gonna be many more.

Sep. 28th, 2005

Stephanie: SJB superSTAR


phantom, little women, spamalot

not my stories but my sister's.

she lives in NYC, so one day in december, i saw her away message: "little women previews"... she went to see little women, and was all happy about it, lol. after the show, she met a few people in the cast (including sutton... there was a HUGE snowstorm that night, and they almost didn't go and then almost didn't wait, but ended up doing both), and also met one of the cast member's dad's, who took one of their pictures... cute pictures

she also saw spamalot for $15 during previews. i was sitting home, reading, and my cell rings. it's my sister calling.
"hey, it's me!"
"hey. what's up?"
"i'm outside the spamalot theatre, cuz i just saw it and i just met david hyde pierce and the girl who played the lady of the lake and cool stuff. and i wanted to call you so you could kinda be part of the experience"
"aww, thanks!" so we talked on the phone for a bit, and then i had to go, so i wouldn't wake my mom... she met almost everyone in the cast that night.

she also got a backstage tour of phantom (and cheap tickets, too, i think) from our friend, tim, and got to meet all the people in the cast after their show, and also got to see all the special effects and sing a bit on the stage... :-P

the end!

Sep. 19th, 2005

Stephanie: SJB superSTAR


Another NYC trip, another Stage Door...

so i went to NYC this weekend to visit my lovely sister @ nyu. we decided it was time for me to see rent, since i missed the tour to see wicked on braodway (i think it was a good choice)... so we rushed it, and WE WON. so we saw it second row. after the show, i met destan, who played collins, AVA, who played maureen, matt, who played mark, and KARMINE, who played mimi.
destan and ava, cuz karmine is too awesome to put under a cutCollapse )
me: Karmine! OHMYGOSH you were amazing!
karmine: thank you!
me: it was my first time seeing this show, and WOW. when you came on and started signing, we -pointing to my sister- both look at each other and go "wow, she's amazing."
karmine: awww...
me: yeah. would you mind signing my playbill?
kar: sure! do you have a pen?
me: right here!
kar: -signs both playbills, too- i also have my cd with me, if you want to buy a copy of it or something?
me: OH! i heard about it! my friend told me ALL about the cd! she even had me listen to "out tonight," which i LOVE!
kar: -seems surprised a first-timer @ rent knows about the cd- really?
me: yeah! how much is it?
kar: $10.
me and sis: -we pay-
sis: i can't wait to listen to this!
me: would you mind signing it for me?
kar: sure! i have a magic marker (yes, she DID use those words) for these... -starts signing "with love"- wait, what's your name?
me: -tells name-
kar: -finishes signing cd... TO ME- here you go!
me: thank you SO much!
sis: are you going to be at broadway on broadway tomorrow?
kar: yeah! maybe i'll see you there! if i do, i'll wave (we saw her. we were pretty close. she waved. but we're not sure if it was to us or the audience)
sis: allright... looks like more people want to talk to you! maybe we'll see you tomorrow!
kar: yeah! bye!

so we go and meet matt. nothing interesting here, only i managed to drop my brand new rent program at his feet... yeah. the end.

Sep. 16th, 2005

Look To The Western Sky by ME


My Experiences!

Hello, fellow Broadway lovers!

I've been really fortunate with meeting famous Broadway stars. First and foremost:

Andrea MartinCollapse )

Idina MenzelCollapse )

Other Stage-DooringCollapse )

Sep. 15th, 2005


(no subject)


this is a great community!
wanted to post up some pictures of who i met and such...

I never do stage door... so the ONE Day i did it was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.
Wicked @ pantages, July 31st, last showing in los angeles...

speechless of the performance..
much better then the last time i saw it,
once with the national tour, and once on broadway with idina.

i've emailed stephanie before hand and her and I really got to know each other
so when i go meet her at stage door after waiting an HOUR for her to come out,
she was totally sweet and totally knew me.

actually she just emailed me today telling me that her parents have
the painting i did of her in their house :]

makes me feel good to the core! and stephanie is such a sweet person about all things.

Read more...Collapse )


(no subject)

In 1998, I met Brian Stokes Mitchell at the Ragtime stage door. I don't have any pictures, but I do have his autograph, which I will try to get on here once I get hold of a digital camera. But for those of you interested in the gory details, here's how I got it.

I think I just met the man of my dreamsCollapse )

Sep. 14th, 2005

black and white


My meeting(s) with Kerry Butler!

These are my experiences meeting Kerry Butler. =D

Sympathy for the friends pagesCollapse )

That was, by far, the greatest Broadway experience of my life. I'll post pictures if I can find them.



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