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Stephanie: SJB superSTAR

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HUGE post!

sorry guys! i didn't realize i didn't post my experience from teh 10th, yet, so here's both stage door stories, within 8 days of each other. the following are taken directly from my LJ

overall, the music was REALLY upbeat, really jazz-y... but good.
The set... i'm impressed w/ what they did w/ the bushnell. small stage, huge set. nice job.
The actors... really really good for a touring cast, and for, like, 5 replacements.

SO... after the show, i went to the stage door... they were letting someone in to see paul (as in, slade smith, as in THE GUY FROM WEST HARTFORD) so i imagine it was his family... so as they're going in, we get there. the bouncer asks us if we're waiting to go in... "no... just waiting for some people to come out" "who?" "jenna, emily, derrick, and david"... so another group goes in for emily, and they looked like her (well, some did) so i imagine it was HER family... so we're waiting, ensemble members are coming out, and i don't care... dad and i are talking... so then this lady comes out all bundled up, and the bouncer just STARES @ us. we're like "what?" "that was the one who's always wearing the blonde wigs" OH NO EMILY! "oh well..." "she doesn't like to sign autographs, though" oh def not emily. it was carol. WHATEVER. so then paul's group comes out, and paul just looks @ me, but i just smile @ him... then emily's group comes out, and emily literally BOUNCES out, and she comes over to me and smiles and goes "HI!" so i ask her to sign my playbill (i had a sharpie), and she signs it while my dad takes a picture, and then we pose... and right behind her is jenna. so i thank emily (she seemed surprised i knew her name! she was like "woah! someone who knows who i am!") and i'm all "hi jenna!" "hi sweetie!" "you were great! i was blown away!" and we chat for a bit, and my dad pops in here and there... so jenna does what emily did and walks off... the bouncers go inside, and i'm just thinking "whatev about derrick and david. i met JENNA AND EMILY"... so we walk back to the parking lot, and someone is pulling out. who is it? JENNA. and what does she do? SHE WAVES TO US. like, she had this HUGE smile on while looking out her window and waving to us. dad and i were seriously the ONLY people @ the SD that weren't there for the tours. so i guess jenna wsa touched? that was, like, the best part... however, i forgot to give her her bracelet!! so dad had this idea. i'm going to mail it to her this week, along with our picture (it's SO cute! check it out!), and then i'll ask her if she got it when i see her on the 18th. :-D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
bit blurry, but WHO CARES???
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
no. words.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my beautiful playbill

so that was Dec 10. i sent jenna a letter w/ the bracelet i made for her in it, and i sent stephanie, kendra, and jenna all emails telling them i'd be @ the SD on the 18th, no matter what. jenna replied, which will be key in what was one of the best SD expereiences ever, Dec 18.

so we wander around between buildings for a bit, and we're like "wait... maybe we can catch the last few mins?" so we go over to mortensin (sp?) hall, and they have TVs of the stage. so what do we do? dad and i stand outside, listening through the theatre, watching the TV. now i can OFFICIALLY say i saw SJB perform. :-D so then we go outside, and, ohmigosh, I WASN'T THE ONLY FAN THERE! there were actually lots of others. my favorite were a group of 4 kids who performed their own version of wicked over the summer. so whenever someone would walk out, they would, like, jump 'em. so i heard this story about 4 times. no, wait. 3. ok, before anyone comes out, who sticks her head out? KENDRA. and then she goes back in. i was like "kendra? hi? fan here?" so, anyway, first out is david. he was kinda sneaking by, and i'm all "david? -he turns around- hi. i didn't see you today, but i saw you last week, and you were amazing. would you mind signing this cd for me?" "sure. oh! 'i do! i do!'" "yeah. we actually know tim stella" "really? he lives around here doesn't he?" "yeah. we're going to see him tonight, to sing." "oh well, tell him i say hi!" "sure, no prob!" and we also chatted about 2 CDs i have him on

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
david signing my CD. :-D
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
after he signed my cd, i had him sign my playbill from last sat, cuz, well, let's face it. he WAS amazing.

so then, way to go, jackie, david did the rounds (if i hadn't said anything, he woulda snuck out), and then he leaves. few minutes later, jenna slowly comes out, and one of the kids form the OBYC (original back yard cast, that's what they call themselves) goes "JENNA!" "who said my name?" so EVERYONE crowds around her. and i'm just like "ok, i'll wait. i want more time with her." so she goes around and around and stuff, and then people kind of back away, and i got over to her.
"jenna, i have to say, the message last night made me SO happy"
"aww thank you! i really like the bracelet!"
"you're welcome! you know, i made it for you. i sat down one day and thought to myself 'oh, i kind of wanna make jenna a gift' so i made it for you."
"aww, yeah. i like how it's a pink diamond on green background"
"haha i repeat, i made it for you"
"well, thank you"
"i'm also glad you could make it today. you said you were sick and everything, and i'm disappointed i didn't get to see you today, but i came here to see you again!"
"oh how sweet!"
"yeah. would you mind posing for another picture?"
"no, not at all"
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"thanks so much, jenna!"
"no problem. bye, jackie!"
i just smiled "bye" and just, like, froze. i was the ONLY ONE there that jenna knew on a first-name basis (other than her family, who were @ the end of the SD area), and it just... it took a while to wash over me.

so i'm standing there with dad, and we're freezing, i can barely feel my fingers. people are starting to slowly leave. and, know what? STEPHANIE COMES OUT. *fangirl squeal* ok, so she comes out, and talks SOOO qucikly to everyone. i mean, it was 5:15, there was a show @ 7:30, i mean, seriously? i know she likes her fans and stuff, but it was COLD, man, and she was in a rush and stuff. but she still came out and signed playbills and stuff. i tap the bracelet i shoved in the program. i walk over.
"stephanie? hi, i'm jackie"
"OOH! Jackie! I'm so glad I finally get to meet you!"
"aww, yeah. would you mind signing my program?"
"sure! -signs in her HUGE-ASS autogrpah way- here you go. "
"thanks. look, i made a bracelet for you... it says 'DG' to remind to you always defy gravity."
"oh, how kind. let me put it on! -actually puts on bracelet, but doesn't tie- know what? i'll put in on later. -hugs me-"
"-hugs back- you're so great."
"now, let me get a good look at this... -hold bracelet up in only light there is- oh how pretty! -notices dad taking pictures- want me to pose for one? -flash goes off- NO NOT THAT ONE! DELETE DELETE! here. -poses-"
"thanks. you know, stephanie, i didn't even get to see the show today. i came to the stage door just for you" (which is true. jenna and david were added bonuses.)
know what she does? she starts hitting my arm!! "noo! no you shouldn't have done that! it's too cold!"
bwa. ha. ha.
so then she goes to everyone "i'd love to stay longer, but i have to go inside, eat my eggplant for dinner, and get green again! bye!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
with fans...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
reaction when i told her i made her a gift
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
getting a good look @ the bracelet...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"want me to pose for one? NO NOT THAT ONE! DELETE DELETE!"
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ahh, there we go.

i know it's huge, but i thought i'd share. :o) please don't take the photos w/out permission

i'm trying to imagine what some people were thinking when i was talking to these 3 on sunday... "wait... she and david know the same person? WHAT?" "how and why does jenna know her name?" "who is this girl, and why does everyone seem to know who she is??? AND SHE'S GETTING A HUG FROM STEPHANIE???" :-D
so yeah. i'm happy.


i met sjb when i saw the tour cast in dallas...and she was just sooo sweet!! i love her!
She IS really sweet. The fact that she came out and nearly froze herself just to meet fans is one of the kindest things someone could do.
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